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Hood-type dishwasher with switchable high pressure wash for straight through or corner operation
  • Nominal capacity up to 70 racks/h, 1,680 plates/h, 2,520 glasses/h, 560 sheets/h, 140 1/1 GN-boxes/h, 70 EN boxes/h
  • Large chamber with 660 x 500 mm usable space
  • Extra large loading height of 540 mm
  • 8 automatic cycles: short, standard, intensive, eco, cutlery, starch-removal, permanent, hygiene
  • Multi-Setting: booster capacity may be reduced from 12.4 kW to 6.2 kW if connected with hot water
  • Heat and noise insulated hood
  • Strainer soil sensor
  • Refill signal (detergent / rinse aid)
  • Self-cleaning programme
  • USB-interface for comfortable download of operational data
  • Ready to install - completely equipped: fill / drain hose, electrical cable, detergent dispenser, rinse aid dispenser, rinse pump, drain pump, back-flow preventer
  • Tank, frame, wash / rinse arms and panels are stainless steel 1,4301
  • 1 plate rack P-18-12
  • 1 tray rack T-06-09
  • 1 cutlery rack C-01-07


  • PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal: innovative filter system eliminates manual precleaning. Soil is immediately removed into an external strainer, which saves operating costs and protects the machine
  • VISIOTRONIC control: ensures a simple and intuitive operating with a single button. When the display is activated by a proximity sensor, all the necessary information appears in the large display, in clear text or in the form of symbols
  • SENSO-ACTIVE resource management: constantly measures the quality of the wash water and keeps the amount of rinsing needed in each rinse cycle to the minimum in order to guarantee a fully hygienic wash result
  • XL wash chamber: the large hood and chamber provide best wash results, e.g. for
    • up to 24 plates/rack
    • up to 8 sheets 600 x 400 mm
    • up to 8 trays 660 x 500 mm
    • up to 2 1/1 GN-boxes
  • ECO vapo rinse: switchable steam rinse cycle reduces fresh-water consumption to 1.4 l/cycle. Saving of up to 44 % water and chemicals
  • Steam washing: significantly less manual pre-cleaning and second runs by intensive wash cycles with steam
  • Exhaust energy storage: the fully enclosed 4-sided hood keeps steam and energy inside the system: energy saving up to 3 kW/h, less humidity in the kitchen area and better hygienic conditions
  • CLIP-IN wash and rinse arms: both the wash and rinse arms can be lifted out of the wash chamber and replaced with one hand and without any tools
  • ROTOR-X wash system: separate rotating upper & lower 4-spoke wash arms deliver dynamic wash power
  • POWER-PLUS wash programme: selectable high-pressure programme to wash heavily soiled wash items
  • Filter position sensor: prevents operation without tank strainer
  • Intelligent energy management: the available energy is used continuously. Thus, at a low total loading value the heating time gets reduced
  • EASY-CLEAN concept: blue markings in the machine help the operator to identify the components which require cleaning


Flexible drain hose 2000 mm  20 mm inner / 25 mm outer diam.
Fresh water connection: 
pressure hose 2000 mm
flow pressure

necesarry water flow
R 3/4" inside
0,5 - 10 bar max 60°C
softener models:
0,8 - 10 bar
5 l/min
Power cord 2,500 mm
Hoses for detergent
and rinse agent
2,000 mm each
 Cycle times 1) 52 sec.
70 sec.
170 sec.
180 sec.
and special cycles
 Water consumption 1.4 l / rack
 Tank capacity 40 l
 Tank heating 2.5 kW
 Power supply 400 / 50 / 3 / N
 Booster loading
12.4 kW
 6.2 kW
 Total loading 
17.5 kW / 3 x 35 A
11.3 kW / 3 x 25 A
 Pump capacity  2 x 1.1 kW / 600l/min
 Loading height  540 mm
 Noise level  68 dB (A)
 Weight gross / net  171 / 150 kg
1) To reach set rinse temperatures even with cold water connection, the actual cycle-times extend accordingly.


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Back panel 
(if unit is not installed against wall, 
all units have closing frame to wall at rear)

Corner splash panel 
for open gap to the wall in case of corner installation


Automatic hoodlift

VAPOSTOP Hood system
(not available in combination with automatic hoodlift)
Hygiene chemical tablets INTENSIVE 
12 boxes à 15 tabs

Genial Einfach Genial1


economical, ecological, innovative 

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HOBART worldwide

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